We have been privileged to bring Mark Vinup o present his knowledge and experience he gained as   an engineer with The City of Bellevue Fire Department to our firefighters/operators. He has spent four full days here training with our staff learning our ways of operating in Whatcom County and teaching us new methods we can put into our “tool box” of knowledge.

Mark has set up a static display using a front line Crimson CAFS engine and a 3000 gallon tender to simulate a fire ground pumping evolution. He also developed and a 1 hour classroom session that reviewed our equipment, their capabilities as well as their limitations.

At the end of this training he was able to make recommendations for us to consider blending into our methods of water delivery and supply that will ultimately improve the efficiency of our fire ground pumping operations. It has been a great few days of training, weather and camaraderie.

Thank you to all who assisted in the set up and delivery!

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