House Number


Many times our fire department will respond to an emergency call and will be delayed in getting there. You ask yourself why? Is it because the engine won’t
work? Is it because we’re too busy doing other things?

NO. The main reason we are slowed down in getting to your home is because it
may not be clearly marked with your address. That’s right! A lot of people don’t
have their driveways or houses marked correctly.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here are a few suggestions that will help both you and your fire department.
Mark both sides of your mailbox with your address. Your name would also be a
big help.

If your driveway is shared by more than one house, clearly state this at the road
with a sign of all the addresses down your driveway.

If your house is one of two or more houses, also have a sign at the junction of the driveway showing which house is which.

If your house is visible from the street, place the numbers in large numerals on the house where they can be seen clearly from the street.

If you call from your neighbor’s house, give the address where the emergency is,
not where you are calling from.

Last, if it is possible, have someone go to the end of the driveway and show us exactly where to go.

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