How to Help


Your child has just fallen out of a tree or from a second-story window. Someone in your family is suffering a heart attack or a stroke. You’re driving down the road and happen upon an auto accident. These are all things that can happen to anyone at any time, anywhere. How you react in the first few critical minutes is the most important thing you may ever do.

If your child or anyone is hurt and you suspect any kind of injury, do not move the victim. By moving the injured person, you increase the possibility of causing damage to the injured person’s spinal cord, so leave the victim where he/she is unless you have no choice.

If someone is having a heart attack or a stroke, try to remain calm and have the victim lay down and stay calm. If the victim is conscious, keep him warm and give him nothing to eat or drink. If the victim is unconscious and is not breathing or has no pulse, start CPR only if you are trained. Do not attempt CPR just because you’ve seen it done on television.

If you happen upon an auto accident and you’re the first one there, try to help the people if you can. Do not remove them from the auto unless there is a fire or the possibility of fire. Remember that this is real life, not television, and seldom does a car explode into flames. If anyone is bleeding, try to stop the bleeding using articles you have with you. Don’t move a victim’s arms, neck, or back unless you have no choice. You should resist the impulse to drive the injured or sick party to the hospital by car because the fastest emergency care can be provided by the fire department. The most important thing to remember is to get help for these people as soon as possible by dialing 9-1-1.

If you would like to learn CPR or take a first aid course, contact the fire department and we will be glad to let you know when a class will be offered.

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