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CPR, AED and First Aid Classes

District 4 is offering CPR/AED and First Aid Classes through ASHI (American Safety Health Institute).  CPR Classes are offered once a month and First Aid Classes twice a year, free of charge to the community.

Upon entry into the class, a donations of a nonperishable food item(s) are encouraged however, not mandatory. All food donations will be forwarded to area food banks and are accepted all year.

CPR and AED Classes are for individuals who are in need of a CPR/AED card or who would just like to learn in a fun and relaxed environment. This course offers the opportunity to learn basic CPR in a dynamic group environment and receive feedback from a trained instructor.

Classes are offered at various stations around the district and quickly fill up with a maximum size of 12 students.

After successful completion of this class, you will obtain an ASHI CPR/AED Card.

Topics in the class include:

  • Adult CPR & Emergencies
  • Child CPR & Emergencies
  • Infant CPR & Emergencies
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Adult Choking Emergencies
  • Child Choking Emergencies
  • Infant Choking Emergencies
  • Emergency Situational Awareness
  • Body Substance Isolation & Protecting Yourself
  • Managing yourself and the emergency scene

Who can enroll in the course?
Classes are for ages 14 years and older.
If the student is under the age of 14 years, a parent or guardian must accompany them to the class.

Registration: To register for a CPR/AED or First Aid Class, please utilize the online sign up form below. If the month is not listed on the signup sheet, the class has been filled up.

For any further questions/comments, please write in the notes section and someone will get back to you if necessary.

Sign Up Below for the CPR/AED:

Upcoming 2020 Classes 

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